Larynx-maski kissoille V-gel, Docsinnovent Ltd, UK

Docsinnovent introduces v-gel ®, the first ever veterinary species specific supraglottic airway devices for anesthesia and resuscitation.

v-gel ® uses a non-inflatable, super-soft and anatomically shaped cuff that creates a superb airway seal around the pharyngeal, laryngeal, perilaryngeal and the upper esophageal structures.

v-gel ® for Cats gives a high performance alternative to using endotracheal tubes. A high quality seal is obtained through the combination of a gel-like material with design contours that mirror the anatomical airway structures of the Cat species. This delivers for a competent user, a clear and safe airway in less than 4 seconds and avoiding patient trauma!

Over 150 General anesthetics were conducted to validate the product for commercial use by both private general practices and university hospitals in Europe. Therefore ensuring it is the safest airway solution for Cats.

The v-gel ® technology was first commercialised in human anesthesia and that device is called 'i-gel ' which is used in over 88 countries (see Docsinnovent, and the innovators of 'i-gel', now bring the same clinical benefits established in human anesthesia into the veterinary sector with 'v-gel ®' for Cats.

v-gel ® is supplied sterile and its materials are 100% autoclave sterilisation compatible. It even has its own sterilisation management cradle so to make it the best method to avoid cross contamination between patients therefore enabling you deliver to your customers the best assurance their pet will be returned without this fear

Larynx-maski kissoille V-gel

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